About Us

My Little Madison

Spoiled Rotten Princess is a mother and daughter team who have been working together since January, 2009. Mummy designs, assembles, and places the bows and clips on Madisonís head and Madison tests them for durability and reaps the compliments!

When Madison was born in January 2009, to my surprise, she had a lot of hair. I started out buying those pricey, mass produced headbands and clips and found that they just didnít match a lot of the items she wore unless they were bought from the same store. This got to be a pricey exercise and they werenít all that cute. So I took it upon myself to resurrect my bow and hairclip hobby from my teens and create fun, practical and size appropriate headbands, clips and bows for every little princess. Each creation is unique and I try to keep the designs simple but sweet and interesting.

Maddie and I would love to create something for you or your little princess. If you donít see anything that tickles your fancy in our products section, please email us and let us know what youíre looking for. Weíre always up for a new challenge and love to see our creations in action!